Metal Windows in Berkshire

Your property is loved by your family and friends; it’s money well spent. They’re also prone to wear and tear, and every house is full of character! Common issues like single glazing, condensation, draughts and rust can cost in time, and that’s exactly why we offer the finest in-house manufactured metal windows in Berkshire for the benefit of the homeowners living there. 

Elegant and practical

If you’re a homeowner yourself, you’ve likely had the same question put before you: do we make the house look visually stunning, or do we choose to prioritise practical aspects that keep maintenance costs down?

In the past, this question was a simpler one: you went with practical. With our A+10 rated metal windows, however, you get both.
Our AG210 windows are thin, stunning and constructed to such an excellent degree that they keep those common headaches out: no more draughts, rust a thing of the past and proper insulation at last. All while looking the part!


Features our customers love

What do our buyers in Berkshire say about our metal windows? They love the period style, the unobtrusive and slim design with its welded corners, and they adore the traditional window furniture available. 

Can we help?

Like most homeowners, you want the best look for your house just as much as you want to keep costs down. If it’s time to remove those poor performing windows and smash that single glazing, we could be the best choice for your home.
We’re dedicated to the best result for your property; that’s the Met Therm promise for metal windows in Berkshire.


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