Metal Windows in Reading

Homeowners in need of windows that are of excellent quality and practical yet elegant design, look no further! Our AG210 windows are here to help and serve a fantastic choice for metal windows in Reading.


We promise quality


Unlike most window manufacturers, we keep our entire production process within the UK. We’re a family run business, and Met Therm is dedicated to helping the homes and properties within our country by performing well and looking the part.


The AG210 benefits


The slim, modern design of the AG210 boasts welded corners and minimal use of space. This makes it a fantastic choice for more centrepiece window installations, or as a refined and flexible stylistic choice on heritage or period architecture. Farmhouse buildings also benefit from the unique construction and A+10 rating. It’s cheaper to maintain, too! The excellent thermal characteristics of the AG210 make for a low-cost option that is reliable, consistent and high-performing.


A family guarantee


The Met Therm family promises a ten-year guarantee for any purchaser of our AG210 metal windows in Reading and beyond! We’re confident in our product; it’s the result of many years of research and experience within the industry.


We can help


We’d love to hear from you and learn how we can help with your property plans. We’re confident the AG210 can help realise your renovation dreams, and you can get hold of us by phone or by email by visiting our contact page. Get in touch! We’re right here.