Metal Windows in Slough

Your property deserves the best, and that’s just what we offer with the AG210 bespoke window. It’s a great choice for property owners seeking the best metal windows in Slough or any other area of the UK, and it comes with our unique 10-year guarantee. That’s real confidence in our product and for a good reason!


The construction


The AG210 is a A+10 thermally rated metal window, and it uniquely offers a modern, minimal feel together with excellent practical properties. The AG210 has welded corners and allows for maximum utility space around the window. It also confers on the building excellent insulation properties, making maintenance a less expensive regular occurrence.


We made the AG210 for the property owner seeking a bespoke, modern look that combines a timeless design with new manufacturing techniques and the benefits that come with them.


A family business


We know that people care about roots in the modern world, and we’re proud to have been a family-run business for many years. We’re truly dedicated to our UK customers, and we are confident we have a great product that helps keep costs and stress down for property owners and managers.  


Get in touch today


Our experts are here, and they are eager to help. We can discuss with you the specifics of your property and whether metal windows in Reading or elsewhere are the right choice for you. The AG210 can be a great addition to your building, so why not call or email the team today to see what we can do to help make your property management easier.