Metal Windows in St Albans

Trust and faith in the AG210 window: exactly what we’ve built up over years of service for property owners requiring metal windows in St Albans.


Our A+10 rated window solves problems and looks stellar. We combine an elegant aesthetic design with all the practicality of the modern world. The AG210 is draught and condensation resistant, excellent at insulating your property and is well suited to the heritage and farmhouse buildings common to St Albans and the wider UK.


Our family’s work


We keep everything ‘in-house’ where Met Therm is concerned. We know from experience that a production process we can trust is one we own, and for that reason, we promise our customers not to out-source our work to cheaper parts of the world. It stays here, and it stays in the family.


That means you can be confident in the quality of the AG210 window, and rest assured that it supports local business. Not a bad set of benefits for buying metal windows in St Albans!


A flexible choice


It’s no secret that the UK is home to a dizzying variety of architectural styles. Over the course of our history, we have built a brick, period, heritage and modern structures. These can be problematic for many types of windows, leaving the property owner with a headache and a stubborn entry on their to-do list.


The AG210 is a great solution to this. It can fit right in with Art Deco, period, heritage and Georgian buildings. This makes it a great choice for the owner of an older or unique building who needs style and practicality to keep costs down.


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