Metal Windows in Surrey

For years, we’ve focused on the quality manufacturing of the AG210 window within the UK. What we now offer to homeowners is the finest metal windows in Surrey and beyond!


More about the AG210 window


The AG210 is the product of years of industry research and experience. We know that there are a variety of properties in Surrey and the UK proper, and they all need to be visually stunning and low-cost in maintenance.


Our slim, strong window construction means we’re confident offering you a ten-year guarantee on your installed windows. Their bespoke design minimises unnecessary space around the window, and their excellent construction means they keep condensation and draughts out while lowering your heating bill.


Could your property benefit?


While the AG210 is a great choice of metal windows in Surrey, it lends itself even more to specific building types. Properties that are of heritage status, or those similar to farm-house construction, will work exceptionally well with the AG210.


A guarantee of quality


Our ten-year guarantee is us being confident in our product! We know that you will be happy indeed with your metal windows in Surrey, and we reflect that by offering ten years where other manufacturers would not.


Talk to us


Our team of friendly experts are here to go over your window requirements and plans. To speak to us directly, visit our contact page – we’re right here via phone or by email and eager to help! It’s what we do.